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If you’ve been targeted for narcissistic abuse you may be experiencing

Lack of motivationLow self-esteemAnxietyDepression
GuiltPeople-pleasingPrioritizing othersWeak boundaries 
Chronic emotional painFeeling invisibleFlashbacksLack of self-trust
Absence of goalsTrust issuesAvoidant behaviorPerfectionism
Intrusive thoughtsUnrealistic expectationSelf-sabotageIsolation

About Me

I’m a certified trauma recovery coach. I help people recover from toxic relationships and reconnect with their purpose. My method is a blend of several interventions which I adjust to the unique needs of the individual. I work one-on-one with adults (18+).

In 2019, I founded Narcissistic Abuse Rehab, a digital refuge where survivors can access awareness, empowerment, and healing. I also published my first book on this topic: Are You In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship: A Guide To Help You Assess The Health of Your Relationship and Self-Reflect.

In 2020, I launched the Narcissistic Abuse Rehab Podcast.

Over the years, Narcissistic Abuse Rehab has been featured in the following publications Elle, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek, Huffington Post, Her Norm, Parade and more. NAR’s research-based articles have also made an impact within the academic community and are referenced in papers such as Counteraccusing by Jacqueline Garret and Martina Buck and Frequency, Method, Intensity, and Health Sequelae of Sexual Choking Among U.S. Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

If you are interested in my help, don’t hesitate to contact me. For pricing, see the packages below.

Your’s in recovery,

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  2. To redeem a 10% discount use the coupon WELCOME on your first Standard or Premium purchase.
  3. Complete payment and send a message to book your coaching session(s).
  4. All coaching sessions are conducted on Google Meet.

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