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Episode 18. Why Normal Conflict Resolution Strategies Don’t Work With High Conflict Personalities 

Why Normal Conflict Resolution Doesn't Work with High Conflict Personality featuring Attorney Samantha Drum

In Episode 18 of the Narcissistic Abuse Rehab Podcast, we explore the topic ‘Why Normal Conflict Resolution Strategies Don’t Work with High Conflict Personalities,’ in an exclusive interview with high conflict strategist Samantha Drum, Esq.

About Samantha Drum, Esq.

Samantha is a high-conflict strategist and personal injury attorney with years of experience managing high-conflict people and situations, as well as coaching others to do the same. 

After facing several high-conflict personalities at the start of her career, she realized a harsh truth—law school did NOT prepare her for managing high-conflict behavior or extreme personalities.  She decided to take the time to study high-conflict personalities. She learned how high-conflict personalities work, the way they think, and what causes them to go off. Then she learned to implement plans for managing the situation so she could minimize the damage they cause and maximize her control of the situation.

Today, as the founder of Controlled Confrontation, she is empowering others to do the same.

“A high conflict personality is a person who engages in patterns of thinking and behavior that tend to escalate conflict on a continous level rather than de-escalate conflict or try to resolve conflict.”

Samantha Drum, HIgh Conflict Strategist

Episode Overview

In this episode, we talk about:

“It is very common for high conflict personality to use estrangement tactics with their kids.”

Samantha Drum, High Conflict Strategist

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