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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Pal Slams Separation Rumors

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Government House. October 28, 2018 in Wellington, New Zealand. Photo by Mark Tantrum.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Government House. October 28, 2018 in Wellington, New Zealand. Photo by Mark Tantrum.

A close friend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle called out a tabloid for publishing rumors that their marriage is on the rocks.

Polo player Nacho Figueras came out swinging for his good friend, Prince Harry. The Argentine athlete took to social media to refute a rumor-mongering post by Page Six, which claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at odds.

Screen capture of Nacho Figueras slamming Page Six tweet about Prince Harry and Meghan.July 19, 2020.

A flood of rumors from myriad anonymous sources insists that the Sussexes’ marriage is heading for divorce. However, Figueras knows the situation firsthand. His friendship with Prince Harry started in 2007 when they met at a match for Sentebale, a children’s charity founded by the Duke and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. Their bond grew when the Sussexes moved to California, where he and Prince Harry play polo together for the Los Padres team at the Santa Barbara Polo Club. Figueras’ wife, Delfina Blaquier, describes Meghan Markle as her “sister” in social media posts. 

Furthermore, shortly after Figueras’ criticism, Page Six deleted the tweet—an action that speaks volumes.

Screen capture of Page Six removal of tweet about Prince Harry and Meghan after criticism from Nacho Figueras.July 19, 2020.

Figueras has been a long-time supporter of Prince Harry and Meghan. Last year he shared words of praise about the couple:

“I have known Harry for a very long time. I know firsthand how much he wanted to have a family. He found an amazing teammate, or partner, in Meghan. They love each other very much; their children are lovely.”

Nacho Figueras

Indeed, there has been a relentless barrage of vitriol directed at the Sussexes since they released a statement about an altercation with the paparazzi in New York, which met widespread skepticism. Furthermore, their brand suffered another blow when Spotify executive Bill Simmons labeled them as “grifters.”

Be that as it may, it is helpful to recognize that wishing for a marriage to fail, particularly when children are part of the equation, is a not a wholesome sentiment. Separation and divorce can inflict emotional pain on family members, especially the young ones. The welfare of children should always be prioritized over personal biases.

Narcissistic Abuse Rehab has reached out to representatives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for comment.

UPDATE: Page Six amended the original news report, toning it down and including a quote from an inside source close to the Sussexes who rubbished rumors of a split, saying “It’s not true. It’s literally made up.”


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