If you’re a survivor of narcissistic abuse, you are not alone. No matter how bad it is or how long it’s been going on, healing is possible.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, courage, patience, and tenacity. The moment we start to understand what happened to us, the healing process can begin.

In the early stages, we instinctively gather information about the true nature of our abuser and the power dynamics that made us vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation. With each discovery, our awareness grows.

As we learn to recognize the debilitating aspects of the abuse that lulled us to sleep, our inner warrior starts awakening, ready to empower us. We realize it’s not only possible for us to heal, but we can also grow in wisdom.

Part of our recovery is finding the language to help us process the abuse. By finding our voice and telling our story, we take away the abuser’s ability to silence us.

Often survivors of narcissistic abuse have no one in their immediate environment who is willing to listen to their stories with compassion and without judgment.

To this end, we’ve developed this website as a safe space where you can access awareness, empowerment, and healing.


Your’s in recovery,

M. Wakefield
Recovery Coach and Founder,
Narcissistic Abuse Rehab

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