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What is DARVO?

How Narcissists Use DARVO to Escape Accountability

SOMETIMES IT CAN SEEM as if narcissists possess such extraordinary manipulation skills they appear to bend reality to their will. This is made painfully…
Traits and Characteristics of Flying Monkeys

The Narcissist’s Flying Monkeys

FLYING MONKEYS ARE ENABLERS who act on behalf of narcissists. They are usually friends and relatives who serve as surrogates, emissaries, fixers and drones…
What countries have coercive control laws?

Coercive Control Legislation Around The World

Coercive control legislation is a cutting edge tool for law enforcement in domestic abuse prevention. Research has shown that coercive control (also known as…
Hawaii Signs Coercive Control Bill Into Law | Narcissistic Abuse Rehab

Coercive Control Bill Signed Into Law in Hawaii

On September 15, 2020, Hawaii became the first US state to adopt legislation against Coercive Control. Governor David Ige signed into law a historic amendment expanding the definition…

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15 Signs of a Fledgling Narcissist

15 Signs of a Fledgling Narcissist

NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER (NPD) usually begins to manifest during a child’s teenage years or early adulthood. While many teenagers may be somewhat narcissistic, it is usually a normal stage of development and self-corrects over time. For this reason, clinicians are reluctant to diagnose…
Narcissists Love Fraud | Narcissistic Abuse Rehab

Narcissists and Love Fraud

IT IS NOT UNCOMMON FOR NARCISSISTS to manipulate others into relationships by making fraudulent claims about who they are, what they stand for, and by mirroring the goals of the targeted individual.  They deliberately make promises they don’t intend to…
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Is This Coercive Control? on BBC Three

A new documentary that focuses on coercive control will air on BBC Three on October 27, 2020. “Is This Coercive Control?” brings together twenty people between the ages of 18-30 together for a social experiment. Hosted by journalist Ellie Flynn,…
The Narcissist's Hidden Depression

Narcissistic Injury

IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT the ability to generate authentic joy, love, or compassion.  It’s hardly a stretch to suggest that one’s internal ecosystem would be a bleak and desolate landscape. However, if you were to open up the mind of a pathological narcissist…
4 Subtle Ways Narcissists Abuse Their Children

4 Subtle Ways Narcissistic Parents Abuse Their Children

A PATHOLOGICAL NARCISSIST HAS MASTERED the art of inflicting psychological devastation without ever raising a hand. Their skillful manipulation of people’s perceptions and emotions leaves a trail of bloodless crimes in their wake.…

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Non-fatal strangulation to be criminalized in England and Wales | Leighann Blackwood

Non-fatal strangulation to be criminalized in England and Wales

Non-fatal strangulation is slated to become a criminal offense in England and Wales, carrying a sentence of up to seven years in prison. The…
What is non-fatal strangulation? | Coercive Control

8 Facts About Non-Fatal Strangulation?

Non-fatal strangulation is a form of asphyxia produced by continuous application of pressure to the throat. In the context of domestic abuse, it is…
What Is Erotic Asphyxiation?

6 Facts About Erotic Asphyxiation

Erotic asphyxiation (EA) is an increasingly common sexual practice, particularly among young people. It is dangerous and can lead to accidental death. It was…
Dylan Farrow | Complete Statement | Allen v Farrow | Episode 2

Dylan Farrow’s Statement on Episode 2 of Allen v Farrow

For three decades powerful people have spoken for and spoken over Dylan Farrow, silencing her voice and robbing her of the opportunity to tell…

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