Catherine Kassenoff

Catherine Kassenoff (1969 – 2023) was a distinguished litigator and legal advocate, who demonstrated exceptional expertise in both commercial and criminal law, representing cases in federal and state courts. As a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, she displayed remarkable skills in prosecuting numerous federal criminal cases, securing convictions in each instance.

Throughout her professional journey, Kassenoff held pivotal positions at prominent organizations, including Chief Litigation Counsel at a construction industry manufacturing company, Head of Litigation and Government Investigations at a pharmaceutical company, and a legal practitioner at a major law firm. Additionally, she served as Special Counsel for the Governor of New York, where she conducted investigations into Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations and money laundering as part of the United Nations – Independent Inquiry Committee into the Oil-for-Food Programme.

Tragically, Catherine Kassenoff faced personal challenges during her life. She allegedly experienced coercive control by her ex-husband, Allan Kassenoff. She also battled cancer on three occasions. Reports indicate that she endured years of post-separation abuse, which ultimately led to her untimely death by suicide.

Her legacy extends beyond her legal accomplishments; Catherine’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of addressing coercive control and advocating for survivors. Her life’s work exemplified resilience and dedication to justice, leaving an enduring impact on the legal community and beyond. Catherine Kassenoff’s memory remains a source of inspiration and underscores the need to understand that even the strongest of us can be vulnerable when facing systemic oppression.