Jennifer’s Law

Jennifer’s Law, a significant legislative initiative in Connecticut, is named after Jennifer Dulos, a mother of five who tragically went missing in 2019. This comprehensive piece of legislation is aimed at addressing and combatting domestic violence in the state.

Enacted in response to the high-profile disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, the law seeks to bolster protections for victims of domestic violence and improve the response to such cases. One of the key aspects of Jennifer’s Law is the expansion of the definition of domestic violence to include coercive control. This subtle yet insidious form of abuse is now recognized as a punishable offense, ensuring that victims receive the necessary support and perpetrators are held accountable.

Jennifer’s Law also focuses on enhancing the enforcement of restraining orders, providing victims with increased safety measures. It establishes a registry for individuals convicted of domestic violence crimes, enabling better monitoring and protection for potential targets.

Furthermore, the law empowers judges to consider the best interests of children involved in domestic violence cases when making custody and visitation decisions. This provision prioritizes the safety and well-being of the children and aims to prevent further harm.

Through Jennifer’s Law, Connecticut aims to create a safer environment for victims of domestic violence and send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. By following our comprehensive coverage, readers can stay informed about the impact of Jennifer’s Law, its implementation, and ongoing efforts to combat domestic violence in the state.

Jennifer’s Law Could Bring Coercive Control Legislation to Connecticut

CONNECTICUT STATE SENATOR ALEX KASSER is sponsoring Jennifer’s Law in honor of Jennifer Dulos in the 2021 Legislative session. The new bill will widen the definition of domestic abuse to include coercive control. “When women are the victims of abuse, they seek safety for themselves and their children. Often that means staying with the abuser because the danger of leaving is too great,” Sen….

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