Michael C. Kinsey

Michael Kinsey, Ph.D. is a parent-child attachment specialist and author of Transcendent Parenting: A Workbook for Parents Sharing Children With Narcissists and Dreams of Zugunruhe.

Dr. Kinsey is trained in:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Psychoanalysis/Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Existential Psychotherapy, and
Attachment-based Interventions
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Treatment

He is also the founder of Mindsplain, a mental health blog that seeks to answer your questions about psychology and dispel the stigma surrounding mental health challenges.

Grief in the Digital Age

THE BUZZ OF MY SMARTPHONE broke my concentration. I picked it up and checked my messages. A grief-stricken family member had texted me to let me know my cousin Francis had died. Frantic phone calls ensued as I struggled to come to terms with my shock and sorrow. A hidden heart condition had claimed his life. He died five days…

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