Narcissistic Personality

Kohberger Was Stalking Victims For 5 Months Before Murders

Murder suspect Bryan Kohberger allegedly stalked the King Road residence a minimum of 12 times before the quadruple homicides.  *Trigger Warning: This article discusses violent crimes.  According to the court records, data obtained from Kohberger’s mobile phone showed that he was near the house no less than 12 times between June 2022 and November 13, 2022. He returned to the environs of the crime scene…

What is Pathological Narcissism?

PATHOLOGICAL NARCISSISM is a term used to describe a shame-based expression of the trait that manifests as an addiction to external validation. It can also be characterized by oscillations between the grandiose and vulnerable states associated with this personality type. Over time the disruptions in emotional regulation can lead to diminished psychological well-being and interpersonal functioning. How does pathological narcissism…

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