What is Narcissism?

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WHAT DOES NARCISSISM MEAN in the context of psychology? Narcissism is self-idealization. It is a personality trait all people possess that exists on a continuum. However, the degree to which people are narcissistic varies. In and of itself, narcissism is neither good nor bad. It is simply a necessary component of the human personality structure. In fact, a normal or healthy degree of narcissism has a range of health benefits. Narcissism becomes problematic only when there are aberrations.

The words narcissism and narcotic both originate from the Greek narkao which means “I numb myself”. In other words, narcissism has a similarly soothing affect on our senses as a narcotic. Holding a slightly flattering view ourselves serves to dull the impact of otherwise painful existential realities.

12 Signs of Normal or Healthy Narcissism?

Clinical psychologist Michael Kinsey, PhD, an expert in personality dynamics, breaks down some of the most prominent characteristics of healthy narcissism as the ability to:

  1. Admire others and accept admiration from them.
  2. Believe in the importance of our contributions.
  3. Experience gratitude and appreciation.
  4. Empathize with others, while prioritizing self.
  5. Embody self-efficacy, persistence and resilience.
  6. Respect self in health habits and boundaries.
  7. Feel confident about being seen.
  8. Tolerate others disapproval.
  9. Set goals and pursue them with desire.
  10. Be attentive to the external world.
  11. Be aware of emotions.

As a trait, narcissism is very different from its subtypes in a number of ways. It is flexible and can change over time. Most importantly normal or healthy narcissism helps us develop a positive self concept and helps form healthy relationships with others as healthy narcissism helps us extend our love to others.

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