Mental Health

Mental health refers to our psychological well-being. Often narcissistic abuse manifests as an insidious kind of psycho-emotional abuse that can have serious mental health consequences for the target. Because the abuse is so subtle, it can take months or years for the survivor to understand what is happening to them.

Narcissistic Abuse Rehab has curated a collection of articles and essays to aid survivors of narcissistic abuse in the recovery. Our articles discuss how long term manipulation can impact the mind. In many cases, this can destabilize the survivor’s mental health and cause anxiety disorder, traumatic bonding, Stockholm Syndrome, major depression, and complex post-traumatic stress syndrome (C-PTSD). We also look at some of the interventions available for survivors of exposure to pathological narcissism.

5 Books on Trauma That Will Help You Heal

Although a relatively small portion of the population (approximately 5%) are clinically diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder, cases of manipulative and destructive behavior have become more publicly recognized in the past few years. Michelle D. Roberts explains that narcissistic abuse differs from other forms of abuse in such a way that it is characterized by a pattern of manipulative behavior and…

How To Answer Your Child’s Questions About A Narcissistic Parent

Knowing how to answer your child’s questions about a narcissistic parent is essential to their healthy development and wellbeing. The reason for this is that narcissistic abuse commonly falls under the umbrella of domestic abuse in families. Raising children in an environment where domestic abuse is normalized can seriously impact their physical and emotional functioning. Research shows that exposure to domestic…

Honoring Men’s Mental Health

Our theme for the month of November is Men’s Mental Health and Suicide Awareness. Narcissistic Abuse Rehab will be using our platform to raise awareness on these critical issues. Men often neglect their mental health Social pressure on men and boys to conform to traditional gender roles can place a heavy burden on men’s mental health. Physical strength, stoicism, dominance and controlling behaviors…

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